The Voice USA 2019 Auditions Dates and Venues Featured

NBC The Voice USA 2019 Auditions and Registrations Details

The Voice USA 2019 Auditions Dates and Venues

Respected by enthusiasts as well as seasoned artists, The Voice is the No. 1 series that is broadcasted on NBC and has won the prestigious Emmy Award for 4 times because of its fresh and inspiring show! The voice is eagerly looking for solo artists as well as duos that are highly skilled in diverse music types. It is your lifetime chance to participate in this highly reputed show. The show supports all music types that include but are not limited to Hip-hop, country, indie, and blues. Pop and Rock! All you require is the excellent skills!

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The show will be touring to various places of the country to search the people with exceptional vocal talent. Among these distinct vocalists the best ones will finally be able to prove their mettle by participating in this unique show of vocal competition. The show organizers are interested in knowing about you, your profile and most importantly why you should be considered the best talent for The Voice!

Terms and Conditions for The Voice USA 2019

  • The age of the contestant should be at least 13 years by March 20 2019
  • If you are less than 18 years old then your parents’ or guardians’ consent is required they should duly complete the parent or legal guardian consent (along with the application)
  • You must have a valid US passport or US driver license and Social Security card
  • The candidates of the public office cannot participate in the show. Also the selected participants agree not to join the public office until 1 year the initial broadcast of this show
  • A background check will be conducted which is a mandatory process and you should be wiling to allow the same
  • The travel expenses will be met by the contestants
  • The participation agreement should be complete in time and returned promptly if you want to accept the invitation.
  • The producer shall furnish the required details in this matter
  • The candidate would require to travel the Los Angeles, CA for up to 7 days during the months of March and April 2019.
  • Also, if there are any changes in the scheduled or duration the same shall be communicated by the producer and the contestant agrees to adhere to the updated schedule and duration
  • The participants also agree to travel to and stay at the unrevealed location for at least some weeks. The same shall be held anytime between June and December 2019. The economy travel (a round trip and lodging expenses are provided by the producer
  • You will only be able to participate if you meet all the standards of propriety as pr decided by the producers
  • For the further updates and modification in these eligibility rules and criteria you can keep on checking the page.
  • The contestant should be a resident of the US and must be at least 13 years old.

The Voice USA 2019 Auditions Dates & Venues

19th Jan, 2019New YorkTBD
26th Jan, 2019Miami, FLTBD
24th Feb, 2019San Francisco CATBD
16th Feb, 2019Nashville, TNTBD


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