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Love It or Last It 2018 – 2019 Application Process

Love It or Last It

It is not easy to change or renovate the home once you are settled down! There are number of factors need to be considered before taking any decision such as budget, distance from workplace to place, distance from home to children school, and more. If you are puzzled whether you should renovate your home or change it, you will surely want to be part of TV reality show named “Love It or Last It”! In this show, real estate agent David finds a new home for participant on the behalf of needs & desires and interior designer Hilary renovate your existing home on the behalf of your budget. Interesting??? Do you want to know how to participate in this reality show?? In this post, we have come up with eligibility requirement and application process of Love It or Last It!

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Love It or Last It Eligibility Requirement

  • Your minimum budget for renovation and designing should be $50,000.
  • You need to be available for filming for up to 5 weeks.
  • You need to be opinionated, outgoing, and energetic.
  • You will need expert construction and designing help.
  • You need to provide true information.
  • And more.

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Love It or Last It Application Form

Love-It or Last It Application Form

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