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India’s Got Talent Season 8 2018 Auditions Dates & Registration Process


IGT was founded by Sakib Zakir Ahmed and a part of British Got Talent franchise. Thing which makes IGT standout from other Indian Reality Shows is this stage is open for every kind of artist. Therefore, number of candidates who wait for India’s Got Talent auditions is also very big. In last 7 seasons, this stage uncovered extraordinary hidden talent in India. Now, we will see talented singers, dancers, actors, stuntmen/stuntwomen, and other artists on Colors TV again very soon because India’s Got Talent is back with season 8. If you want to participate in IGT Season 8, Auditions Dekho will let you know the auditions dates with registration process.

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Process to Register for India’s Got Talent Season 8 Auditions

You will be happy to know that this time show organizers make registration processes very easy. Usually, candidates have to fill an online form to participate in reality shows but you can easily register yourself for IGT 8 auditions by sending SMS “IGT” to 56882 or you can also send auditions video to

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IGT Season 8 Auditions Dates and Cities

Sr No.CitiesDatesDay
1.Chennai13th December, 2017Wednesday
2.Bhubaneshwar13th December, 2017Wednesday
3.Jammu12th December, 2017Tuesday
4.Ranchi11th December, 2017Monday
5.Hyderabad11th December, 2017Monday
6.Amritsar10th December, 2017Sunday
7.Bangalore9th December, 2017Saturday
8.Raipur9th December, 2017Saturday
9.Chandigarh8th December, 2017Friday
10.Mangalore7th December, 2017Thursday
11.Indore7th December, 2017Thursday

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