Indian Idol Season 4 (Contestants Name + Winner + Judges)


In last 14 years, Indian Idol successfully completed 9 seasons and hopefully the season 10 will start very soon. Although, it is very difficult to say that which one is the best season out of 9! But if you will ask the same question to those who have been watching Indian Idol from last 14 years without skipping a single season, will answer “season 4”. So, what made Indian Idol Season 4 special?? Why the season become one of the best seasons? Do you want to know the answer of these questions? Here is the answer!! Actually, contestants, auditions, performances, and judges made this show special. Here, Auditions Dekho accounts the judges + contestants names, stat performances, and more.

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Hosts of Indian Idol Season 4


Judges of Indian Idol Season 4


Indian Idol 4 Contestants

Sourabhee Debbarama (Winner): She is the first female contestant who won the title “Indian Idol” in season 4! She was born in 1985 Agartala, Tripura. She got a contract of Rs. 1 crore with Sony TV and TATA Winger. She also released an album called “Meherbaan”!

Kapil Thapa (1st Runner Up):
Do you know he was in army? Of course, it is surprising but it is true! He is 1st runner up Indian Idol Season 4. He belongs from the beautiful city of India called Dehradun. He also won many awards for singing in his army band.

Torsha Sarkar (3rd Runner Up): She is the third finalist in season 4. Famous Bollywood playback back singer Sherya Ghosal was the person who motivated her into professional training. She belongs from West Bengal.

Other Contestants:  Akanksha Palkar, Ali Hussain, Ananya Mishra, Bhavya Pandit, Charit Dixit, Kuldeep Singh, Megha Sharma, Mohit Lalwani, Parashar Joshi, Pooja Ghosh, Priyanka Negi, Prosenjit Kosambi, Purnima Vishwanathan, Rajdeep Chatterjee, Roshan, Saurabh Mehta, Shini Kalvint, Sreejita Kar, Sunaikshi Raina, Tullika Ganguly, Bhanu Pratap Singh, Keshav Prasad, Pranav Srivastava, Remo Ghosh, Nirali Fozdar, and Sandeep Ubale.

Best Performances of Indian Idol Season 4

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