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4 Secrets to Impress Judges in Singing Auditions (Reality Shows)

Music is one of the competitive fields in world but it is most competitive in India! Why there is tremendous amount of competition in Indian music industry? Have you ever seen songs in Hollywood Movies? Most of the people will answer “No”! In Bollywood, there are at least 4 to 5 songs in one movie! Apart from Bollywood, every year numerous regional films get launched in India such as Bengali, Rajasthani, South Indian, and more. You can easily see find 3-4 songs in each! Moreover, bhajan and kirtan are also there in our country! Thus, here is competition.

In last 10-11 years, singing reality shows have become the keys to get enter in Bollywood Films as a playback singer! Consequently, people set their goal to get selected in the auditions of Indian Idol, Sa Re Ga Ma Pa, The Voice India, and more. Here are some tips that may help you to impress judges in singing reality shows!

Song Selection for Auditions (Voice + Feelings)

Song selection is the most important factor to be in the shows! Therefore, you must take this decision very smartly. You should select a song that shows the best part vocal cords and feelings as well. Possibly, you notice many times that judges reject contestants in auditions because they fail to insert feelings in the songs!


Grip over Classical Songs

In India, every second person sings but when you see that someone is singing classical, he/she will be a professional singer in your eye! Also, the chances of you get impress are also very high! Right? Similarly, you will be considered as a versatile/professional singer if you sing any classical song in singing auditions! Check in below videos how contestants impress the judges by singing Indian Classical Songs!


NOTE: You must also keep your expertise in mind. Select only those songs that come under your expertise zone!

Be Prepared for Every Situation

If you are preparing yourself for singing competitions like Indian Idol or Sa Re G Ma Pa or other, you must make yourself ready for every opposite situation! For an example, many times it becomes difficult for judges to choose one from 2-3 contestants! In this case, judges may ask you to sing one more song! Hence you must practice for 4-5 songs for dealing with this situation easily! Let’s see one more example! Just watch the below video to know how contestants handled opposite while performing!

Enjoy Yourself

Enjoying your performance is also an important factor to impress judges and get in the show! Don’t be nervous; just enjoy your performance while giving auditions! For a while, just think that you are on the stage for impressing audience and for making fans!

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