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High Fever Dance ka Naya Tevar Auditions Details & Registration Form


And TV (&TV) is all set to thrill the people with their brand new dancing reality show- High fever Dance ka naya tevar. This power packed dance performance show is produced to give platform to the budding dancing talents who are all set to take the world by storm with the way they perform. They can only participate in pairs. The auditions are scheduled soon. The show will offer a perfect platform for blending the unique qualities of a pair as a single performance and multiply their magic with combined forces. If you are really serious about making it big in Bollywood and are comfortable dancing as a pair then this is a great platform for you to show people that you can! 

Eligibility to Participate in Dance Competition

  • In order to participate in the show the interested pair can click the register button below and that will open the registration page.
  • Fill in the given details like name, age address, contact number, relationship with partner etc. and also insert a video of partner dance performance.
  • The interested Jodies would need to record the pair dance performance and upload or submit on their registered social media accounts- especially face book/instagram, Twitter, You Tube or Google drive.
  • The link should be copied and inserted in the form before making submission.
  • As on December 912017 the participant should be 4 years or above.
  • They shoulder medically fit and doesn’t have ay criminal conviction
  • The participant should know each other well.
  • They shouldn’t have any contract with third party that prevent them from participation
  • Registration page contains all the details. 

Click here to read complete terms and conditions to participate in show.

High Fever Dance Ka Naya Tevar Online Registration form


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