FBB FEMINA Miss India 2018 Auditions Online Form Featured
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FBB FEMINA Miss India 2018 Auditions and Online Registration Form

FBB FEMINA Miss India 2018 Auditions Online Form

Every year the numbers of big and small beauty pageants go off India but it is a dream of every female model to win the title of “Miss India”! Models believe they might get a chance to play a role in Bollywood only by participating in this contest, not wining! If you are a young model and see the dream of successful carrier in fashion and entertainment industries, you would like to participate in FBB FEMINA Miss India 2018 auditions! Here is all you need to know to participate in this beauty contest!

Criteria to Participate in Miss India 2018 Auditions

  1. Only natural born female can participate.
  2. Required height is 5’5″ and above.
  3. Required age is 18 to 25 years old. 25 as of 31st December 2018.
  4. Only single, unmarried, and not engaged can be a participant (you must be meet all these three criteria).
  5. Indian Passport Holder/Indian Overseas Citizens can apply.
  6. Candidates whose age is 26 to 27 can compete for runner ups positions because required age for miss world is 18-25 years.

Terms and Conditions to Participate in Miss India 2018 Auditions

  1. Candidate must agree to accept all rules, as changed from time to time by the show organizers.
  2. You will be asked for valid documents that proofs your age. Valid documents such as passport, birth certificate, school leaving certificate, driving license etc.
  3. Participant must be genuine Indian citizen having a valid Indian Passport and must be resident of India as per applicable laws in India.
  4. The participant or her family should not be related to any person employed in ABSL, TIML, TIL, Bennett Coleman & company limited, or any other firm if the Times Group, contest sponsors, and their sub-contractor, or any of the judges as informed to her at any stage. In case of such relation, she must disclose the same instantly.
  5. Selected applicant cannot be a part of any other commercial contract or pageant.
  6. The candidate must not be under any commercial contract at the time of appearing in auditions.

Click here to know all the terms and conditions and other information.  You may also call at + 91 22 30418995 from Monday to Friday between 11:00 am till 6.00 pm.

Click here to see online auditions form.

Miss India 2018 Auditions Dates

Hyderabad3rd Feb, 2018
Vizag4th Feb, 2018
Chennai10th Feb, 2018
Kochi11th Feb, 2018
Bangalore18th Feb, 2018

South – Bangalore (State Crowning): 22nd February 2018

Patna24th Feb, 2018
Rapur17th Feb, 2018
Bhubaneshwar25th Feb, 2018
Ranchi4th March, 2018
Guwahati10th March, 2018
Kolkata11th March, 2018

East Zone – Kolkata (State Crowning): 17th March 2018

Indore16th March, 2018
Jammu18th March, 2018
Dehradun24th Feb, 2018
Chandigarh25th March, 2018
Amritsar30th Feb, 2018
Kangra31st March, 2018
Lucknow1st April, 2018
Bhubaneshwar25th Feb, 2018
Delhi (Auditions 1)7th April, 2018
Delhi (Auditions 2)8th April, 2018

North Zone – Delhi (State Crowning): 15th April 2018

Jaipur13th April, 2018
Ahmedabad15th April, 2018
Pune22nd April, 2018
Mumbai6th May, 2018

West – Pune (State Crowning): 13th May 2018

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