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Dus Ka Dum Season 3 (2018) | 10 Ka Dum Auditions Details


Who can forget the iconic and quite quirky presentation of Salman Khan on Dus Ka Dum- a popular reality show of Sony Entertainment Television? Especially his quaint accent while saying “Kittne Pratishat Bhartiya…” kept the audience amused. The good news is that after a hiatus of 9 years the SET is all set to resume this great quiz program with awesome prize money rewards.

The third season of the show will also be hosted by Salman Khan! The show is scheduled to launch in the month of June 2018 after Indian Premier League. We will soon update you on the auditions and registration details for Dus Ka Dum!

Dus Ka Dum Show Concept

Dus Ka Dum is an interesting reality show based on Quiz where 2 participants compete in 3-out-of-5 formats. Salman’s unique style, power-packed punches, and one-liners keep the people engaged!

  • In this show the host ask poll questions from the contestants. They have to guess the percentage.
  • The contestants need to give the closest approximate percentage that is nearest to that poll answer.
  • Upon giving 3 correct answers the contestants can then graduate t the second round while the opposing contestant has to exit the game.

Auditions Dates of Dus Ka Dum

  • The auditions for this great quiz based reality show by Siddhartha Basu’s Big Synergy will start from March 2018.
  • We will soon publish the date and time of the audition and the audition rules to be followed.
  • To make the registration even easier the participants are allowed to apply via mobile app to participants in the show that is very much similar to the KBC.

In the first season of Dus Ka Dum, the common Indian people were featured and it is expected that this season too will also focus on common populace. The second season was different in h regards that most of its participants were celebrities. Once we will get all the details about the audition and other rules, we will publish the same o this website.

Prize Money in Dus Ka Dum Reality Show


Prize Level (in Rupees)Range (in %)Walk-Away PrizePrize If Wrong


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