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Bigg Boss is a youthful reality show which is known for its revolutionary concept. Various participants ranging from TV personalities to singers and even a few faces from common populace are made to reside in a common house that is locked from outside. No escape is possible once you are in and that’s where the magic begins. The participants have to live together 24X7 whether they like or not and coping-up with each other despite conflicting personalities is the part where the drama begins. Ego clashes, breakups, fighting and changing equations of relationships make the show really spicy for the audience. Besides, the show creates controversies too that helps it to remain in the news. Based on multiple factors the members are eliminated on a periodical basis. The person who manages to prevent himself from elimination till the end – that is the last Singular resident of the house – is declared the winner. The show started towards the end of 2006 and currently, it is in its 11th Season. Let us have a look at the list of Big Boss winners of all seasons till now:

Bigg Boss Season 11 Winner in 2018: Shilpa Sindhe

It was Sunday of 14th January, 2018 when all Bigg Boss fans fixed their eyes on TV and eagerly waiting for The Super Host Salman Khan to announce the winner. The excitement was touching its extreme with the time. There were two contestants in finale; Shipla Shinde and Heena Khan. First Salman Khan confused the audiences by raising the hand of Shilpa then Heena then Shilpa then Heena and finally at the last raised the hand of winner!! The Winner of Bigg Boss Season 11 is Shipla Shinde who is well-known in India as “Bhabhi Ji”! Bhabhi Ji took the trophy to home, won prize money of Rs. 44 lakhs.


Bigg Boss Season 10 Winner in 2017: Manveer Gurjar

As anticipated the Big Boss 2016 was again presented by Salman Khan. His continuous stint as Big Boss host had further added to his excellent presentations skills. The way he managed to hypnotize the audience across various age groups was clearly an asset that no other anchor could boast of. The show was started on 16th October 2016 and the grand finale was on 28th January 2017. Manveer Gurjar the winner went all the way smiling taking the total prize money of Rs. 40 Lacs in his pocket! Manveer Gurjar is clearly a street-smart person who knows how to manipulate the other people turn the situations in his own favor. The Noida guy has tonnes of confidence and he is apt at using his communication skills as a weapon for influencing the people.


Bigg Boss Season 9 Winner in 2015: Prince Narula

It now became quite clear that the Salman Khan was the unofficially selected regular face for presenting Big Boss Show. Salman managed to live the magic that year too by keeping the audience amused till the end. The show that was launched on 11thOctber 2015 came to an end on 11th October 2015 after a zigzag journey of fights, break-ups, make-ups, friendship enmity, hostility and many more spices. The prize money of Rs. 50 Lacs was collectedly the winner Prince Narula. Prior to Big Boss, Prince Narula also participated in PTC Mr.punjab 2014. While he couldn’t win the coveted title, he did manage to win the next best position- the second runner-up. By profession, he is an Indian model who also acts in television series.


Bigg Boss Season 8 Winner in 2007: Gautam Gulati

The show that started on 21st September 2017 was again anchored by dynamic Salman Khan. It was finally concluded with the grand finale on 3rd January 2015. The winner of the show was Gautam Gulati who went home with Rs. 50 Lacs the prize money.  Gautam Gulati is a TV personality who debuted with the famous tele-series Diya Aur Bati Hum and is also featured in a short film Darpok by Rakesh Mehta.


Bigg Boss Season 7 Winner in 2013: Gauhar Khan

Big Boss Season 7 was hosted by- Guess who? Sallu Bhai again! It seemed that the Dabbang star was signed in advance for multiple seasons too due to his mesmerizing presentation skills. The show that was launched on 15h September 2013 saw its grand finale on 28th December 2013. The prize money made the winner- Gauhar Khan- wealthier by 50 Lacs. Gauhar Khan is a dynamic model who has appeared in a number of commercial ads.


Bigg Boss Season 6 Winner in 2012: Urvashi Dholakia

The Sallu-Magic repeated again in 2012 when Salman Khan was received with even more enthusiasm by the audience. He showed an amazing freshness of presentation style and was able to bind the audience with his excellent presentations skills. The launching date of the show was 7th October 2012 and it was concluded with the grand finale on 12th January 2013. Strangely the winning amount was decreased to 50 Lacs that was added to the total wealth of TV actress Urvashi Dholakia- the season’s winner. Urvashi Dholakia is another lucky actress of Kasauti Zindagi Kay who played the main negative role of Komolika.


Bigg Boss Season 5 Winner in 2012: Juhi Parmar

Season 5 saw the famous Sanju Baba as its dynamic host who mesmerized the audience with his deep, resonating voice with a certain maturity. Despite his advancing age, he was able to mesmerize the audience with ease and without special efforts. The show that was started on 2nd October 2011 experienced a rollercoaster ride filled with good times, controversies and some unexpected jolts. The grand finale was held on 7th January 2012 and Juhi Parmar- an Indian TV actress- was announced the winner who took home Rs.1 Crore. Juhi Parmar is a TV actress who got fame with the popular series Kumkum.


Bigg Boss Season 4 Winner in 2011: Shweta Tiwari

The Fourth season was anchored by another Big Name of the Bollywood, Salman Khan aka Sallu Bhai, the macho man with soft heart and hilarious persona. He had his audience rolling in aisles with his comedy and leg-pulling skills. The show that was started on 3rd October invited many controversies and even went on to become the highlight of national dailies that earned it a huge popularity. Finally, it ended with the grand finale on 8th January 2011. The winner was Shweta Tiwari, the TV actor who went to her home with Rs. 1 crore in her handbag. Shweta Tiwari tasted fame with Balaji Trademark K-series Saas-bahu serials- to be precise- Kasauti Zindagi Kay.


Bigg Boss Season 3 Winner in 2009: Vindu Dara Singh

The third season of Big Boss saw the ultimate superstar Big B- Yes, Amitabh Bachchan- as its host. The deep determined voice with well-crafted words left the mesmerizing impact on the audience. It was an amazing experience for the audience. The show was launched on 4th October 2009 and the tussle between various inmates reached a final end when the winner was announced on 4th October 2009. The winning amount didn’t change though and it was bagged by Vindu Dara Singh, an actor who couldn’t make it big in the Bollywood. He is better known as the son of Dara Singh- the Desi Tarzan!


Bigg Boss Season 2 Winner in 2008: Ashutosh Kaushik

The second season of Big Boss was hosted by the sizzling Shilpa Shetty who was able to make the audience crazy with her lively charisma and lots of laughter. The show that began on 17th August 2008 offered a full dose of drama for the audience and finally, it concluded on 22nd November 2008. Despite all odds, Ashutosh Kaushik managed to achieve the coveted title winner and went to his home taking the total prize money of Rs. 1 crore. Earlier to Big Boss Ashutosh Kaushik has also won MTV’s Hero Honda Roadies 5 and also appeared in MTV Roadies  8th season. By profession, he is a model and actor.


Bigg Boss Season 1 Winner in 2007: Rahul Roy

The first season of Big Boss had dynamic, entertaining Arshad Warsi as its host who amused the audience with his communication charisma and hilarious one-liners. The season that started on 3rd Nov. 2006 was finally concluded 26th January 2007 after loads of melodrama. Rahul Roy the yesteryears heartthrob dubbed as 1-movie wonder was the winner of the 1st prize that made him richer by Rs. 1 Crore.


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