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Bigg Boss Kannadda Season 6 Auditions & Registrations Details


One of the most controversial yet popular shows, Bigg Boss Kannada, is all set to entertain the public yet again with its sixth season. The best thing is that even the common populace can also join the show that will certainly add to the overall impact. The tussle between the common populace and public personalities would certainly add more spice to the show enhancing its entertainment value. The audition for the show has already been started and the producers are on an active lookout for those daring personalities who have the guts to participate in this demanding TV program.

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Show, Host and Rewards

So, if you also want to join the list of the lucky participants then wait no more. This can be your lifetime chance to make a niche for yourself and become a household name. Of course, you can also take home the huge sum of money if you win the show! This show will be telecasted on Colours Super and Kichcha Sudeep will be the host. 

Bigg Boss Kannadda Season 6 Audition Process

  • For participating in the audition you need to visit the channel’s website and fill the online application form.
  • Alternatively, you can also visit Voot website/app to fill out and submit the application.
  • The following information is needed in order to present your candidature for participating in the audition:
  • Name, Age and Address.
  • Contact info including email id, online social media accounts and the mobile/landline number.
  • Once you have submitted the above-mentioned information you then need to upload your video demonstrating your best skills.
  • Make sure to include only the most relevant and impressive video that contains the best of your skills.
  • Depending upon the video and the profile the channel will select the candidates who can be considered for the next round.
  • Once the audition rounds are over the channel will select those lucky candidates who will participate in e show and share the TV screen with the popular personalities.
  • The audition video will contain the entire profile of the participant including the action, experience, personality USP, and the traits that make you the best candidate for the show.
  • Be as specific as possible and make sure to make it crisp valuing impact over the volume as it is the major criteria to decide your candidature for the program.
  • 3 Minutes is the maximum length of the videos and exceeding this limit can make your entry invalid.
  • The maximum size of the idea should not exceed 50 MB.
  • The participants are free to upload multiple audition videos provided that they submit it before the last date.

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