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Big Brother Auditions / Casting Process Requirements


Big Brother, TV reality game show which is being loved by millions of people, was launched in 2000. The format of show is pretty simple! Near around 12 contestants put together in a custom made house for couples of weeks under 24 X 7 surveillance. Their behaviour, activities, fights, performances, and more create a lot of controversies outside of Big Brother house. As you know controversies make contestants popular and popularity is important to become celebrity. There are millions who have deep love with “celebrity and popularity”! Millions of people are there who want to become popular within a night! Thus, number of people who want to participate in Big Brother is really huge! Do you also wish to participate in this reality game show? If yes, then are you are the right place! Auditions Dekho, which is the best website to search auditions, will reveal the casting process and requirements to participate in Big Brother. Do you know the prize money of Big Brother is $500,000?

Eligibility Requirements for Big Brother Participation

  • Selected candidates will have to bear the cost/expense of travel to be interviewed.
  • You will have to live in Big Brother house for near around 100 days with 12 strangers under constant surveillance.
  • Your age must of 21 years old when you participate.
  • Candidate must be citizen of United States and live in the same country.
  • Participant mental and physical health must be excellent.
  • By participating, candidate authorizes producers to check civil, criminal financial, driver-history, and other background.
  • Producers reserves all rights.

Click here to read detailed requirements.

How to Apply to Big Brother Auditions

You can register yourself for Big Brother auditions online. You will need a video of you, photo of you, and general information to fill online form.

Currently online form is not available.

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