American Warrior 11 2019 Auditions Applications Details From
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American Ninja Warriors 11 (2019) Auditions & Application Details

American Warrior 11 2019 Auditions Applications Details

American Ninja Warriors- one of the most famous shows on the NBC television with a huge number of fans is looking for the new applicants. It will soon start conducting the regional qualification rounds at single or multiple locations of the US. The producers will assign a region to the participant based on their local state depending upon the based on the producers’ rights and the decision shall be taken by the producer at their own discretion.

Las Vegas will be the region where the National Finals will be conducted. However, the exact locations are yet to be determined.

Applicants agree to borne the entire expose associate with travel arrangements for visiting the regional qualifying rounds. However in case the location is different from the home region of the contestant the producer may agree to pay for the expenses at their own discretion.

Eligibility Requirement for American Ninja Warriors Auditions

  • Only the US citizens are qualified to participate
  • The legal age of the participant should be at least 19 years at the time when they participate in the regional qualifying round
  • The participant should be physically and mentally strong to participate in the athletic activities that would require significant stamina
  • The applicants assure their availability for participating in the regional qualifying rounds that is scheduled between March and May 2019 and for which the specific details like locations and dates are yet to be revealed
  • The national finals will take place in the Las Vegas, NV and the applicant agrees to be available in that location at the scheduled dates. The dates are subjected to change.
  • The aspiring participants should submit their clear digital image and a good quality video along with their application. The ideal length of the video is 2-3 minutes and it should meet the standards as determined by the show.
  • The producer, i.e. Canam Productions Inc has the right to modify the above requirements without the notice.

American Ninja Warriors 11 Auditions Form

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