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Amazon Prime Video Skulls & Roses Auditions (International Reality Show)


Amazon Prime Videos presents Skulls and Roses, a completely unique and fresh reality show concept in Indian television. This show is presented in the association with Monozygotic. 

The Concept Skulls and Roses

It will feature 16 dashing boys and girls in a fierce yet entertaining battle to survive on Skulls and Roses Island. Right Ram and Rajiv Laxman the talented pair that has judged a number of reality shows till date will be the hosts of this entertaining adventurous show. The registration as well as casting call is opened for the participants who are interested to be a part of this fun-packed adventurous show.

In This romance cum adventure show, the contestant will be taken on a unique exciting journey with many challenges and surprises. The idea is to bring out the best stamina of the contestants.

The audition is opened for all the participants who would form couples and love bonds on Rose Island but they should be ready to face the challenges on skull island here there authenticity will be tested against reality. The entire theme of the show will show the varying and diverse human emotions like love, loyalty, betrayal and survival skills that would give this show a unique character o its own.

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Terms and Conditions to Participate in Amazon Skulls and Roses Auditions

  • Click on this registration button to fill the registration form and send the entries
  • Apart from your latest picture you need to upload a 2 minute introductory videos inside the form. Try to be as unique as possible as Rahul and Rajiv- the host duo- will drill through numerous applications to find the most unique one that will be considered for participation.
  • Apart from a minimum age of 18, you should ideally be full of stamina, tough enough to face challenges and have an adventurous streak.

Amazon Skulls and Roses Auditions Form

Amazon Skulls and Roses Video

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